May 1 2011

Sunday Supper

Here’s what I’m cooking tonight…..Spaghetti and meatballs with a homemade marinara.   Is there really anything more comforting??

Worth mentioning is a new found favorite gluten-free substitute for traditional pasta (and also quite delicious) called quinoa pasta.  Personally, I love the Ancient Harvest brand found at Whole Foods. For those of you who missed the memo, quinoa is considered a “super food” – a term sometimes used to describe foods full of nutrients with health and disease fighting properties.  You really should get on quinoa bandwagon if you haven’t already.  It’s also high in protein and fiber which helps make you feel full and keep you satiated. As a grain, it is delicious cooked on its own in a little chicken stock or mixed with fruit and nuts or even grilled veggies. The combinations are endless. And the best part…cooking time is 10-15 minutes for those on the run. So with the ever increasing concern over gluten allergies, this makes a great substitute all your guests can enjoy. I promise even though most die hard carb lover will not be able to tell the difference.

And for a list of 10 other Super Foods, check out this link on WebMD.

Dec 30 2010

How old is old?

For most of the food we eat, the expiration date indicates the last day the item should be eaten. An exception is the egg.  Federally graded eggs that are in their shells can be safely eaten for about three to five weeks after the expiration date. Just keep them refrigerated.

Older eggs, in fact, are ideal for hard boiling because the air pocket that develops helps prevent the shell “sticking” common to fresh eggs.  Its a New Year…get cracking!

Sep 6 2010

A perfectly boiled egg

Large eggs.

Rapid boil.

14 minutes.


*Food tip – a little older egg will peel easier, with less skin sticking, since it has has lost some moisture (feels lighter/hollower).

Aug 30 2010

Back and Fat!

To all my loyal readers, I’m very VERY sorry that I haven’t been posting on a regular basis. I’m in class about 60 hours, 6 days a week and working in my “free” time!  I just finished up 5 weeks of intense quantity food production – cooking lunch at our school’s cafe for 200-400 people/day. It was an awesome experience, with massive amounts of food….think  50 lbs of potatoes, 40 lbs of flank steak, 100 pcs of chicken…and that’s just a Tuesday!  The jist of what I learned was that you can take any recipe, convert it to the new desired yield, and you can really feed any amount of people. Of course I learned a few tricks along the way, which I will share in the coming months.

Now I’m in baking and pastry, and having the time of my life.  My jeans, on the other hand, not feeling so great. Is it worth the calories? You tell me…

Fruit Tart

Pecan Sticky Buns

Butter Tea Cookies Dipped in White Chocolate

Jul 18 2010

What I’m cooking tonight

Just tried re-creating a dish from one of my favorite restaurants…..goat cheese tart with organic yellow, pink and red beets.  I give it an 8 out of 10. Even what I cook isn’t always perfect!  Looking forwward to practicing again…any guinea pigs out there who want to try it?!!

This makes an excellent starter for an elegant dinner party or even as a vegetarian entree. Alongside, I made a a refreshing summer salad with ingredients I bought yesterday at the farmer’s market. Delicous, fresh and EASY:

Blanch (for a few minutes) in boiling salted water fresh fava beans, asparagus and green peas. Shock in ice water to cool down and prevent further cooking. Dress with lemon juice, olive oil and chiffonade of mint. Season with salt and pepper to taste.  What a great side dish to grilled fish or chicken! Or shave some fresh parmesan and serve as your salad course. The best part is – you can make this in advance. In fact, I like to dress it a couple hours before my guests arrive so the citrus and mint have time to marry. A winning summer dish in less than 10 minutes!