Back and Fat!

To all my loyal readers, I’m very VERY sorry that I haven’t been posting on a regular basis. I’m in class about 60 hours, 6 days a week and working in my “free” time!  I just finished up 5 weeks of intense quantity food production – cooking lunch at our school’s cafe for 200-400 people/day. It was an awesome experience, with massive amounts of food….think  50 lbs of potatoes, 40 lbs of flank steak, 100 pcs of chicken…and that’s just a Tuesday!  The jist of what I learned was that you can take any recipe, convert it to the new desired yield, and you can really feed any amount of people. Of course I learned a few tricks along the way, which I will share in the coming months.

Now I’m in baking and pastry, and having the time of my life.  My jeans, on the other hand, not feeling so great. Is it worth the calories? You tell me…

Fruit Tart

Pecan Sticky Buns

Butter Tea Cookies Dipped in White Chocolate

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