Apr 27 2011

No time like the present….

It’s been a few months since my last posting, but if I’m truly going to chronicle a year in culinary school, I better start playing catch up.  For the aspiring chefs out there,  the cooking tips will continue up in June when I graduate.  In the meantime,  I’ll taunt you with some delicious delights I’ve made over the past few months.  Who doesn’t like looking at food pics anyway?  Some came straight out of my advanced meat, fish or garde manger courses. Some from my current fine dining class – and yes, we are actually cooking for paying customers. Reservations currently being accepted. Seasonal, top quality ingredients that taste incredible. Start salivating.

Crispy Parisienne gnocchi with mushrooms, fiddlehead ferns and green garlic pesto

Lamb sausage with fried French feta, mint salad and chickpea aioli

Salmon quenelle in a vin blanc with sauteed baby spring vegetables