The Golden Rule

Ever wonder why a recipe calls for dredging a protein like fish or poultry in flour prior to cooking?  The flour helps to seal in moisture and promote even browning. The key to this food tip, which most recipes do not say, is to dredge your protein IMMEDIATELY before cooking. I cannot stress this enough.  If you let your portion sit covered in flour, the moisture will interact with the flour creating a dough. This dough will stick to your pan and get messy! And make sure your pan is nice and hot before you put your fish or poultry in it.

Also- another secret to the nice golden color is to leave  your meat alone in the pan! Please don’t shake it around or flip it multiple times.  Let the moisture evaporate. Once you see a nice golden brown crust start to form, then flip it! The protein will tell you when its ready. As The Beatles famously said “Let it Be” (although somehow I don’t think they were talking about fish)!

YUM – Sauteed Trout Almondine:

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