Method Madness

Poaching, simmering, roasting, grilling, frying – you name the method we’ve covered it these last two weeks. I certainly have not perfected all these methods of cooking just yet, so I’m gonna have a ton of fun practicing over the next few months.

Once you check out my pictures below, it shouldn’t surprise you why I didn’t eat dinner all week at home. Here’s just a sampling of some of my creations and 4 pm “snacks” in class.  For all of you wanting to live vicariously through me, here’s your chance. Now if there was only  a way for you to taste everything…..  hmmm….i’ll have to get on that with Apple. If anyone can invent smelloputers or computasters, its the geniuses behind the new iPad.

Fear not, when I’m on break in a couple weeks I will post lots of these recipes for you to try at home. And in the meantime, summer is finally here – fire up the Weber and get on grilling!  If you live in the North like me, there are only a few months we can grill. Don’t stay inside. Marinate some lamb chops in olive oil, crushed garlic gloves, rosemary. Season with salt just before cooking.  Squeeze a little lemon. Perfection.

Slow Braised Beef

Braised Endive

Mixed Grill (lamb chop, beef tenderloin, pork sausage & shoestring friesVeal Fricasse

Onion Rings

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