Buyer’s beware

After receiving such great response to last week’s posting about Fish on Mondays, I thought I should share another buyer’s beware tip.  You know all those pre-marinated items at your butcher or fish counter that sound delicious? Stay away!!!  Typically, the protein used is leftover meat or fish with visible signs of aging. These signs can be disguised beneath a marinade sauce. Aha! It all makes sense. The kicker is these stores are even upcharging the item because of the marinade, and people pay! Making a profit at your health’s expense.  Better idea, make your own marinade or buy some of my favorite Soy Vey perfect for summer grilling.

4 Responses to “Buyer’s beware”

  • Marissa Says:

    That is pretty crazy- i was literally about to buy a pre-marinated fish tonight from Grace’s. That is a very helpful tip. What about the pre-marinated stuff fresh direct sells? stay away also?

  • Marianne Says:

    Love the buyers beware section. The tips are greatly appreciated!

  • admin Says:

    Fresh Direct is a Grocery Store like the rest of them….I’m not sure they would be any different….Let me know if you’d like me to post some easy summer marinades?

  • Lara Says:

    Wow! This is a great tip!

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