What NOT to do…

…in Culinary School (or in any classroom after second grade for that matter):

Don’t fall asleep in class – bad bad idea!

Don’t ask the teacher “can we have more than 30 minutes for lunch”  - welcome to the real working world, where a lunch break doesn’t exist when you work from 11:30-5:30. Especially a free lunch.

Don’t wear a baseball cap when the dress code is chef’s uniform. When was the last time you saw a chef in a baseball hat? Baker’s cap, yes. Baseball cap, no!

After the chef instructor spends 45 minutes reviewing the powerpoint during lecture, please please don’t ask “will any of this be on the quiz tomorrow?” No jack#@&, he was just amusing us with useless facts!

More on food tomorrow!

2 Responses to “What NOT to do…”

  • Marianne Sacks Says:

    How do we get the recipe for the zucchini stuffed
    with mushrooms and wild rice. They are a work of art!

  • admin Says:

    Thank you! You would be surprised at how easy they are to make for such a beautiful end product. Be on the lookout for recipes to come!!

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