Sweet deliciousness

I’m a firm believer in buying produce at the height of the season, when it tastes the best and you know it’s freshly harvested. Although watermelons are at their peak June-Sept, I was at the local Whole Foods just the other day when I came across a watermelon I had never tasted before. Take note: the sugar baby watermelon will change your life.  Averaging about 8″ in diameter, this fruit might be small in size, but boy was it big on flavor! Pure juicy sweet deliciousness, and the perfect size for 2 people (and your refrigerator)!

Watermelons should ripen on the vine, so look for ones that are firm with a fragrant fruity aroma, but give just a little when pressed at the bottom end. A pale white belly is also a sign of ripeness.  I prefer my melons at room temperature, but they can be stored in the refrigerator as well.

Is there anything better than a slice of juicy sweet watermelon on a hot summer day?  Perhaps juicy sweet watermelon soaked in vodka. Reminiscent of undergrad I know, but oh how delicious:

Cut a circle in the skin of the watermelon until you expose the red flesh. Invert a bottle of chilled vodka into the watermelon allowing the fruit to absorb the liquor. I like to let my “watermelon surprise” marinate a few days before a party to marry all the flavors, but you can serve it in a few hours.  Soak, slice and enjoy (responsibly of course).

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  • Alisa Wasserman Says:

    I love this too, however I never knew how to pick out a ripe one. Thanks for the tip!

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