Cleaning mushrooms

Have you ever bought a perfectly clean mushroom? I haven’t! Mushrooms typically grow right above ground on soil. The problem with cleaning these little buggers is that they act like a big sponge when it comes to absorbing liquid, so we can’t soak or run them under cold water like other produce.  My recommendation for the best way to clean mushrooms:  Fill a bowl up with water and QUICKLY submerge the mushrooms. Remove immediately being careful to leave debris floating behind in the water. Place on a paper towel to dry off. Repeat if necessary.

I was always told to wipe down mushrooms with a damp cloth, but I found this didn’t get them very clean as dirt would hide in the crevices.  The above method should help with this problem.

YUM! Zucchini stuffed with mushrooms and wild rice:

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  • Neal Snitz Says:

    I actually prefer using a damp cloth vs. water, I just feel that they absorb too much water and it prevents them from properly cooking, there is already so much water in them so why add more?? But thats just me, ultimately, you should use which ever method works best for you!

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