Bad bad knife

I’d like to blame my very deep cut today on the knife (I’ll spare you the gory details), but I can only find myself responsible. Or should I say irresponsible for not following my own advice. ┬áThus, I thought it only fitting to share the greatest knife cleaning tip in the world (or at least I think so).

Lay the knife blade flush against the side of the sink & wipe downwards or towards the sharp edge (see picture below). The flat surface helps to stabilize your knife, prevent slipping and keep the sharp edge away from you. To quote Chef Curtis SF “save your fingers, you will need them.”

Good luck and always be safe when handling knives. And if any of you readers have some fabulous knife cleaning tips for us, please don’t hesitate to share them!

3 Responses to “Bad bad knife”

  • Marianne Sacks Says:

    Sounds like you need a doctor friend who is good with stitches….

  • Chef Curtis SF Says:

    Uh Oh… I wasn’t trying to be psychic. Hope you are all healed by now since I fell behind in my reading and missed the shout out.

  • admin Says:

    No worries, I’m all healed…unfortunately I think there’s a lot more where this came from!

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