It’s better with butter

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better than consomme…..Butter, Bechamel & Bacon!

From hollandaise...

We are in the thick of sauce making and learning the 5 mother sauces: Bechamel, Veloute, Espagnole/Brown, Tomato and Hollandaise. Classically French, although not used as often as they once were, these sauces are the base for hundreds of other sauces.  We turned a bechamel into a mornay (gruyere/parmesan), a veloute into chicken pot pie and brown into bordelaise.  And man oh man does hollandaise turn into an incredibly silky and delicious bearnaise (once I stopped scrambling the eggs). bearnaise

Feeling very motivated to try out these recipes, so this past weekend I made my sister’s family the tomato sauce with meatballs and my tasty vinaigrette from The Daily Dish. Unfortunately I left my SLR camera at her house so I can’t upload the pictures just yet!  I will be trying out more recipes on unsuspecting victims this week and most definitely plan on documenting my home adventure.

Can I eat this way everyday? Gosh I hope so!   So far my hemline is not extending, probably due to the sheer physical demands of this culinary school program….let’s hope it continues since I’m running around on my feet 5 hours daily in a kitchen. Eating butter everyday and losing weight – what could be better!??

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